How to set your computer screen
to display a chosen size.

Computer screens are set to display at a chosen size. It's easy to set your screen to a different display size.

Is your screen too large or too small?

  • LARGE -- Settings 800 x 600

  • JUST RIGHT FOR WEI --Settings 1024 x 768

  • SMALL -- Settings 1152 x 864


For Windows 95, 98, or XP: do

1.  Start/Control Panel/Display/Settings, and then ...
2.  Move the slider to 1024 x 864. Complete the process by choosing Apply and OK.

[Note: this changes the display for all of your computer displays. Try it. You can change it back.]

For Windows XP: a short cut is to click on the right button anywhere on the Desktop and select PROPERTIES.
Go from there to change the settings.

For Mac: consult your "Help" files.

For Windows 7: go to help and follow the links to display and size